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Famous Mango Recipes – Mango Shake and Mango Pickle Sandwitch

March 1, 2011 by Dr Jain

Mango Shake – It is a popular Indian Drink that is also known as a Mango Lassi in various parts of India. This drink is very nutritious and tasty. It can be prepared easily and conveniently.

Ingredients: For preparing four glasses of Mango Lassi, you will need the following.

(1)    Yogurt – 3 glasses

(2)    Crushed ice – 1 glass

(3)    Ripe mango pieces or Mango pulp –  1 glass

(4)    Sugar as applicable. The good quality mangoes are very sweet and you may not need to add sugar

(5)    Dry Fruits chopped – 4 Teaspoon

(6)    Vanilla ice cream – 4 Teaspoon

Procedure – You need to get all the ingredients ready in place in the above mentioned quantity. You need to put all of them in a blender and blend it till you get a smooth mixture. You can then pour the mixture into glasses and add ice cream on the top. You can add chopped dry fruits and serve the mixture cold.

The Mango Pickle Sandwich – It is a unique sandwitch that is prepared using Mango pickle.

Ingredients: For preparing the Mango Pickle Sandwich, you may need the following ingredients.

(1)    4 slices of a sandwich bread (you may choose white or brown bread)

(2)    Butter (Take butter in quantity you prefer)

(3)    4 tbsps Mango Pickle (you should use the already prepared or bought mango pickle)

(4)   2 slices of pre-packaged cheese

(5)   1 cucumber cut into thin slices

(6)   few leaves of cos lettuce ( you should ensure that these lettuce leaves are thoroughly washed and cut into pieces of the size of the bread)

(7)   Salt and pepper as required

Procedure – You can lay the slices of bread on a clean cutting board and apply butter on the surfaces. You should spread a firm layer of Mango Pickle on the slices of bread. You can cut down any large pieces of bread to make sure they fit properly. You can add cheese slices, layers of cos lettuce and cucumber on the surface of bread. You can add butter as required. You can trim the edges to make it look appealing and either toast or grill it. You can cut this sand witch into half and serve.

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