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Mango Cultivars

March 2, 2011 by Dr Jain

There are hundreds of Mango cultivars that exist today and many cultivars are crossed for improving pollination. A majority of desired cultivars are mono-embryonic in nature and they should be propagated either by grafting or they do not breed successfully.  The most common (mono-embryonic) cultivar of mango is Alphonso and it is widely exported Mango across the world. The production of cultivar depends a lot on the type of climate and it may happen that a cultivar that grows well in one climate might fail to grow in other places.

Presently the world market is ruled by the cultivar Tommy Atkins that refers to a seedling of Haden that was cultivated in 1940 in Southern Florida.  In fact, about 80% of mangoes in UK supermarkets are Tommy Atkins. This cultivar is favoured for its fibrous flesh and sweet taste. It is popular for its outstanding productivity, disease resistance ability, appealing colour, transportability, size and shelf life. Tommy Atkins is widely used in the US along with other cultivars like Kent, Madame Francis,  Keitt, and the Mexican grown Champagne.

The southern Florida has some small gardens in urban areas that promote the dwarf mango trees. The “condo mangoes” is cultivated by the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden and this mango tree grows at a height below 2–2.5 m.  A Condo Mango Tree is famous in being dwarfed and small in size. It was appropriate for the container growing in condominiums. “Condo” refers to a smaller variety of tree that is dwarf in nature or one that is maintained to a smaller size with proper  foliage pruning and root pruning.

Some examples of the cultivars are mentioned below:

India: Badami,  Bangalora, Banganapalli, Bombay, Bombay Green, Cheruku Rasalu, Chinna Rasalu, Pedda Rasalu, Dusehri, Alphonso,Totapuri, Langra Benarsi, Jehangir, Kalami, Kesar, Kishen Bhog, Amrapali and others

US: Alampur Baneshan, Alice, Alphonso, Anderson, Angie,Tommy Atkins, Glenn, Gold Nugget, Golden Lippens, Graham, Haden, Hatcher, and others

Australia: Haden, Irwin, Keitt, B74, Brooks, green eating, Kensington Pride, Kent and others

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