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Mango Growth Patterns

March 2, 2011 by Dr Jain

There are three types of mango growth patterns including the flushing, dormancy and Flowering and Fruit Set.

Flushing – This is marked by the emergence of new shoots from the old shoots terminals. The major flush occurs once the harvesting of fruits is done. The flushing takes place in order to enlarge tree size and for producing leaves. The leaves are used for the process of photosynthesis that results in the production of carbohydrates which is used in the fruit development later. The mango tree produces more shoot flushes than it requires especially in the favourable conditions of high temperature and plenty of water and nutrients. The proper control of the growth of shoot flushes can leads to better yields of fruits.

Dormancy or Rest – Mango trees usually undergo a period of dormancy when it does not reflect any observable growth activity externally in the mature shoots for a period of about 3 – 5 months after the flushing. The period of dormancy varies from one variety to other. Dormancy is a pre condition for the successful flowering. This dormancy is triggered by the low temperatures in most sub tropical environments and soil moisture deficits under tropical conditions and may be both. During the time of dormancy, Plants are actually very actively engaged in the process of photosynthesis and produces large quantity of carbohydrates for storage for its usage in the following season. The dormancy is broken by the condition of high soil moisture, high temperature and high N levels in tree tissues or soil.

Flowering and Fruit Set – During the dormancy, the carbohydrate reserves levels of the trees increases against tree Nitrogen level.  Thus, the C:N ratio of the trees increases and mature shoots become physiologically ready for the process of flowering.  Trees are ready to flower after the dormancy and when the environment is suitable for flowering. The flowering of the trees is followed by pollination of complete flowers.

There are two types of flowers in Mango tree including Complete Flowers or hermaphrodite flowers that have both male and female organs. After the pollination and fertilization, the fruit of the ovary with pollen fruits begins to develop and it is followed by the movement of food reserves from the roots and trunks to the developing fruits.

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