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Mango Hybrid Varieties

March 2, 2011 by Dr Jain

There are various hybrid varieties of Mango prepared by different institutes and universities after doing their research. Some of the famous Hybrid varieties of Mango plant are as mentioned below.

Mallika – This hybrid is the result of cross between Neelam and Dashehari. The fruits of Mallika variety are medium sized with cadmium colours and good quality.

Amrapali – This hybrid results from the cross between Dashehari and Neelam. It is a dwarf plant with vigorous nature and bears fruit late. It produces 16 t/ha yields on an average and one hectare can accommodate about 1600 plants.

Mangeera – This hybrid variety results from the cross between Rumani and Neelam. This is a semi vigorous that has a regular bearing habit. The fruits of Mangeera are medium in size and it has light yellow coloured skin with firm and fibreless flesh. It is also very delicious and sweet in taste.

Ratna – This hybrid variety is a cross between Neelam and Alphonso. The plant is a regular bearer and usually free from any spongy tissue. The fruits of the tree are of excellent quality and medium in size. It looks deep orange in colour and the flesh of the fruit is fibreless.

Arka Aruna : This hybrid variety is cross between Banganapalli and Alphonso that bears fruit regularly and is dwarf in stature. It can accommodate about 400 plants per hectare. The size of fruits is large and it has attractive skin colour. The pulp of fruit is fibreless and is sweet in taste.

Arka Puneet : This is a hybrid between Alphonso and the Banganapalli. This plant is a regular and prolific fruit bearing. The fruits of this variety are medium in size and posses attractive skin colour. The pulp of fruit is free from fibre and very sweet in taste.


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