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Mango Interesting Facts – Part 1

March 3, 2011 by Dr Jain

The mango is regarded as the ‘king of fruit’ across the world and there are various interesting facts about Mango.

(1)The name ‘mango’ is originated from the Tamil word ‘mangkay’ or ‘man-gay’.  Portuguese traders adopted the name as ‘manga’ for the mangoes when they established in Western India.

(2) The origination of Mangos it tracked back to East India, the Andaman Islands and Burma. As per ancient legend of eastern India, Lord Buddha had repose the tranquillity found by him in mangoes. Buddhist monks had introduced the mango to Malaysia around 5 BC. Mango was introduced to middle- east and Africa by Persian Traders. It was later spread to Brazil and the West Indies. The arrival of Mango cultivars in Florida and California took place in 18th century.

(3)The Mango tree is treated with great respect in Indian Folklore and it plays a sacred role in Indian life and culture. It represents love and people believe that it can fulfil the wishes. It is a common practise to hand the fresh mango leaves at the front door during festivals like Hindu New Year and Diwali.  Mango leaves are considered to be auspicious and in weddings they are used for ensuring that the couple bear lots of children.

(4) Mangoes has been regarded as highly by the ancient rulers and kings. In fact, majority of the Southeast Asian kings and nobles used to have their own mango groves and they cultivate the private cultivars as a symbol of pride and social standing. It was a well known custom of sending the mangoes as gift.

(5) Mango buds were used to chew by Tahis as it is believed that it imparts sweetness to the voice. It is not advised to burn the mango wood or its leaves as it produces toxic fames that may cause irritation to eyes and lungs.

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