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Popular Indian Varieties of Mango

March 4, 2011 by Dr Jain

Alphonso- Alphonso is regarded as the King of Mango and it is widely popular for its warm sweet aromatic flavour. The variety of Mango is considered to be one of the best mango varieties available in the world. Alphonso was named after a Portuguese naval officer Alfonso De Albuquerque who brought mangoes on his journey to Goa. It is produced chiefly in western India including Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Karnataka. It is also called as Hapoos in Marathi, and Aapoos in Karnataka. The major exports of Alphonso takes place from Ratnagiri (Maharashtra) and the best quality is found in Devgad in konkan region. It weighs between 150gm to 300gm and it grows in length till 5-6 inches. Alphonsoes look oval in shape and is pulpy with large seed. It has a characteristic golden yellow colour skin.

Bombay Green- Bombay Green is chiefly grown in north India and it is also called as Malda, and Shehroli in northern Indian states. It is ripened earlier than other varieties and that makes it a popular in trade markets. It has got rich aromatic flavour and oval oblong shape. It has characteristic spanish green colour of Skin.

Chausa –  Chausa is the mouth- watering variety that is produced in north Indian region. The cultivating areas of Chausa are the same as Bombay Green. Chausa is largely exported to European countries. This fruit is little larger with weight over 300 gms. Chausa gets preference over other export quality mango varieties as it got thick golden yellow skin, large shelf life and strong aromatic taste.

Dasheri- It is a north Indian variety and referred as a table purpose quality. It is renowned for its   fibre-less pulp that can be cut into fine slices. The taste of the fruit is delicate and it has a round oval shape. The fruit is grown across UP, Punjab and Haryana.  The colour of the fruit is yellow to greenish and it has got a soft sweet taste.

Langra- Langra is the prominent variety of mango grown in various regions of world. In India, it is produced chiefly in northern region including UP, Haryana, Bihar and West Bengal.  The best quality of Langra comes from Patna region of Bihar. This fruit is medium to large size that weighs 200gm to 300gm. Langra is a juicy variety with a very sweet taste. It has fibre less pulp and taste delicious. It has also got thin green skin.

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