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Usage of Mango in Cuisine

March 3, 2011 by Dr Jain

There is wide variety of uses of Mango in Cuisine. The sour, unripe mangoes are commonly used in the preparation of chutneys, pickles, or any other side dishes. The taste of unripe mango is such that it may be consumed raw with salt, chilli, or soy sauce. It is used in the preparation of a summer drink called as panna that offers relaxation from high summer temperature.

Ripe mangoes are typically eaten fresh as they are very sweet with attractive fragrance. Apart from eating fresh, there are many uses of ripe mangoes in culinary. The Mango Lassi is a famous drink that is prepared across the South Asia. It is prepared by mixing ripe mangoes pulp along with yogurt and sugar. There are various curries preparations that make use of Ripe mangoes. The Mango juice is prepared from the Mango pulp with sugar or milk is widely consumed across the world as Aamras.  It can be consumed along with the bread.

The Mangoes are also used in the preparation of preservatives like pickles, moramba, amchur (dried and powdered unripe mango) and others. The spicy mustard-oil pickle of mango is highly popular. The Ripe mangoes are usually cut into various shapes for eating. The fruit is used in the preparation of cereal products like muesli and oat granola.

The unripe mangoes are usually eaten with bagoong in the Philippines. It can also be consumed with fish sauce or with dash of salt. The dried strips of ripe mango along with seedless tamarind to prepare the Mangorind are also famous. The mangoes are used as a flavouring agent and it is a major ingredient in ice cream and various drinks. It is also used commonly in preparation of raspados, fruit bars, aguas frescas, pies and sweet chilli sauce. There are many recipes that uses mango with spicy chilli paste.

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